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Tape Attack!

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order with tags , , on April 7, 2011 by datacide

Just listed a bunch of cassette tapes new and older in our online shop! – new releases include Repetition/Distract – Old Weevil Neighbourhood
Grindmaster Flesh/Urban Guerrilla (Fuckyoutapes008)
Grindmaster Flesh/Urban Guerrilla (Orange Socks 2010-1)
looks like tapes are back !?

And a vision from the future….

Posted in Praxis News with tags , , , on March 30, 2011 by datacide

….the finished copies of Praxis 48 – Cortex: Vacuum Theory were delivered to Praxis hq in Berlin…. official release date 11-04-11…. started uploading snippets to the Praxis SoundCloud page… more news later today….

Low Res 023 – Adjust: Release The Sharks

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LOW 023: Adjust – Release The Sharks

As 2010 draws to a close, Low Res Records makes one last shot at the buzzer with a veritable milestone of mayhem, the 23rd enigma in the shape of a new and long overdue DJ Adjust record.
‘Release The Sharks’ is a four tracker of abusive speaker therapy constructed in the spirit of recreational headbanging most would call haptic technology for heshers.
Possessing the demonstrative power of potential that pokes at the ear pupils, the new Adjust record is a leaning tower of rhythm inconsequentials that cast a dark shadow over the deliberate composition of controlled chaos. A study in pure acceleration from the opening track ‘Eveready/9-Lives’ and it’s nod to Frances Tipton Hunter and his black cat, to the track ‘Deux’ which draws subtle influence from early Fischkopf releases taking cues from industrial appliance rhythms that swell into monstrous episodes of hi-fidelity gate crashing. ┬áDistorted electronic kick drums translate into rarified air violence and simultaneously unleash the Kraken bass blasts. Zeus and his harem of honeys would be proud. A true modern Midwest exercise in reticent aggression. Varying tempos of grindfunk sonically spread over four tracks of fortified ass-kick. This is
popular music for the future prolific and stratopunk pioneers of tomorrow… delivered today.

Out exclusively through Praxis on Sept. 27 on 12″ vinyl and mp3
Out on general release through all good record stores and distros on Oct. 11!
Distributed by Praxis

Label_ Low Res Records
Cat.Nr._ LOW 023
Artist_ Adjust
Title_ Release The Sharks

New Dubstep in the Store

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After a break of some time the RUFF label returns with a fat one from Bong-Ra and has another release already announced by 2methylBulbe1ol and Niveau Zero of which you can find some examples here!
Ruff of course was the hard Dubstep sub-label of Peace Off who seem to slowly re-emerge from the depths. There is also a new Brothers in Blood release by Rotator and Techdiff announced.
As soon as they come out on vinyl you’ll be able to find them here where you can also still find some of the older releases.

SOZIALISTISCHER PLATTENBAU on the other hand never ceased to be in action, and just came out with two new Dubstep oriented releases, the number #5 of the “We Bomb Fi Dubs” series, featuring Mr. Boggie, Dipswitch, Neurosis Orchestra and Istari Lasterfahrer. This was immediately followed by LXC’s 7″, very nicely packaged and limited to 250 copies.

Last but not least, the Weevil Series trilogy is now concluded with the third release of obscure white label experimental dubstep with Adult, and in our opinion it’s the best one! Looking forward to hear more in the future.

New Speedcore and Hardcore in the Store!

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order with tags , , , on July 22, 2010 by datacide

Some important new speedcore and hardcore records just arrived, plus an excellent noise release by L’Echelle De Mohs/Solar Skeletons split 12″ on Bruits de Fond.

And finally we also have the vinyl of Underground Perversions 007 by R-ictus in stock (after having sold the downloads for a few weeks now)

And last but not least two brand new releases by Saoulaterre (who already was our guest twice this year at the monthly Knochenbox parties in Berlin!

also note that we have all four releases mentioned here also available for wholesale and distribution!

New Speedcore & Industrial Hardcore, plus Politox 03!

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Tust got a delivery from France with some speedcore and hardcore news.
They’re listed in the online store already, I’ll add some descriptions later. There’s some fine industrial hardcore from Anguish Entertainment, with the latest release, a picture disc by Fury Project venturing into distorted breakcore territory. All with a slightly old-school-ish sound and lots of distortion…

The highlight is predictably the most recent No-Tek release by MechaKucha titled Messiah?

Nice sleeve too, hand silk screened with black or red or the two mixed on beige cardboard, so each cover looks slightly different.
Also got No-Tek 13 and 14 back in stock if you missed those.

Also the fist Politox Entertainment in nearly 10 years (number 03) arrived. As it had to be released without the originally planned label design it now sports a black label, and features Gorki Plubakter Chante Elvis Pour Pauline L.

You’re definitely in for a surprise with this one!