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Some New Entries in the Praxis Online Shop

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order with tags , , , , on February 27, 2012 by datacide

Some new titles in the (soon to be re-designed) Praxis Online Shop:

It’s been out for a while, but very very obscure… the Meier Und Erdmann self-released 7″. A creative mixture of electronica, dubstep with guitar and clarinet.

And another wicked 7″ – this time more hardcore oriented by Grr who recently released the the Sub/Version 309. Also limited to 200 copies


New Dubstep in the Store

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order with tags , , , on September 21, 2010 by datacide

After a break of some time the RUFF label returns with a fat one from Bong-Ra and has another release already announced by 2methylBulbe1ol and Niveau Zero of which you can find some examples here!
Ruff of course was the hard Dubstep sub-label of Peace Off who seem to slowly re-emerge from the depths. There is also a new Brothers in Blood release by Rotator and Techdiff announced.
As soon as they come out on vinyl you’ll be able to find them here where you can also still find some of the older releases.

SOZIALISTISCHER PLATTENBAU on the other hand never ceased to be in action, and just came out with two new Dubstep oriented releases, the number #5 of the “We Bomb Fi Dubs” series, featuring Mr. Boggie, Dipswitch, Neurosis Orchestra and Istari Lasterfahrer. This was immediately followed by LXC’s 7″, very nicely packaged and limited to 250 copies.

Last but not least, the Weevil Series trilogy is now concluded with the third release of obscure white label experimental dubstep with Adult, and in our opinion it’s the best one! Looking forward to hear more in the future.