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Praxis 45 – Anonymous Series Volume Two: Test Pressings Arrived & Snippets Uploaded!

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Test pressings of the long awaited Praxis Anonymous Series Volume Two have arrived.
It will be released on limited edition 12″ vinyl (300 copies) and digital in September 2011.
We’ll post the exact release date shortly!
Here are some short snippets via soundcloud:


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Apologies for being a bit slack on this blog, but as you’ll see we’ve been extremely busy – and will keep busy for the coming months:

Datacide Eleven is OUT NOW

datacide eleven

Datacide events – page 3
Political news compiled by Nemeton – page 4-5

“Hedonism and Revolution: The Barricade and the Dancefloor” by Christoph Fringeli, page 6
“Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organized crime & the law in 1960s London”
by Stewart Home, page 8
“Shaking the Foundations: Reggae soundsystem meets ‘Big Ben British values’ downtown” by John Eden, page 12
“Tortugan tower blocks? Pirate signals from the margins” by Alexis Wolton, page 16
“Dancing before the police come” by Neil Transpontine, page 21
“From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Industrial” by Christoph Fringeli, page 24
“From Conspiracy Theories to Attempted Assassinations: The American Radical Right and the Rise of the Tea Party Movement” by Nemeton, page 28
“How to start with the subject. Notes on Burroughs and the ‘combination of all forms of struggle’” by R. C., page 37

“Sonic Fictions” by Riccardo Balli, page 40
“Digital Disease” by Dan Hekate, page 45
“Infra-Noir. 23 Untitled Poems” by Howard Slater, page 46
“Office Work” by Matthew Fuller, page 48

Record Reviews, page 52

“Beat Blasted Planet. An interview with Steve Goodman on ‘Sonic Warfare’” by Matthew Fuller and Steve Goodman, page 58
“Free Parties” by Terra Audio, page 60
“This is the end… the official ending” by Gorki Plubakter, page 61

The Lives and TImes of Bloor Schleppy (11), page 62
Charts, page 63

With 64 pages the biggest issue of datacide yet!

Available now for EUR 4.00 incl. postage – order now by sending this amount via paypal to praxis(at), or send EUR 10 for 3 issues (note that currently only issues 5, 7 and 10 are still available, but you can also pre-order future issues.
For wholesale: please send EUR 15.00 for 5 copies, for orders anywhere in the world INCL. postage!
Larger (10 copies or more) European orders will be cheaper to ship and therefor the final price per copy will be lower. Just get in touch what you have in mind and we’ll send you a quote.

Sub/Version 303 – Vile Enginez Remix of “Fuel For The Fire” by Christoph Fringeli (from Sub/Version 004 – OUT NOW!
Check out the latest digital release from Sub/Version exclusively available from
the Praxis download store! in 320kbps quality.
You can check out a 192kbps version here:

OUT SOON: Praxis 48 – Cortex: Vacuum Theory 12″ vinyl
Finally we also return on the vinyl front in March 2011 with a momentous, heavy, noisy and radical release by former 16-17 members Alex and Daniel Buess. This is the first release by their Cortex project which has been going on since 1999. Watch out!

Datacide-Nacht in Basel 4.12.2010!

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Datacide, das „Magazine for Noise and Politics“ erscheint in
unregelmässiger Folge seit 1997, zunächst von London, dann Basel aus, zur
Zeit ist das Headquarter in Berlin. Von dort aus veranstaltet die
Zeitschrift seit 2007 Vorträge um die Begriffe Subversion und
Kulturindustrie und interessiert sich dabei nicht primär für Fragen der
Ästhetik, sondern für die emanzipatorische Kritik an der
spätkapitalistischen Gesellschaft und die Praxen von unversöhnlich
antagonistischen Gegenkulturen. In den letzten Monaten wurden auch
zahlreiche Parties organisiert, eine neue Ausgabe wird im Januar 2011
erscheinen. Zum Inhalt werden Artikel über die 60er Jahre Drogenkultur in
London, die Geschichte Jamaikanischer Sound Systems, Piratenradio,
Repression gegen Raves und Parties, ein Interview mit Steve Goodman zu
seinem Buch „Sonic Warfare“, Entwicklungen der amerikanischen extremen
Rechten, sowie die Strategien der extremen rechten in musikalischen
Subkulturen wie Neofolk und Industrial gehören. Letzteres ist auch das
Thema von Christoph Fringeli’s Vortrag im Plattfon als Vorprogramm der
Datacide-Nacht im Hirschi am 4.12
Weitere Informationen und ein umfangreiches Archiv finden sich auf der

Ab 23 uhr geht’s dann im Hirscheneck (Lindenberg 23) los.

Mir (Live, A Tree In A Field Records)

Cortex (Live, Plattentaufe Praxis 48)

Vile Enginez (Live, Zhark, Sub/Version)

Christoph Fringeli (Datacide, Praxis)

Electric Kettle (Live, Peace Off)

Baseck (Darkmatter,LA)

Low Res 023 – Adjust: Release The Sharks

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LOW 023: Adjust – Release The Sharks

As 2010 draws to a close, Low Res Records makes one last shot at the buzzer with a veritable milestone of mayhem, the 23rd enigma in the shape of a new and long overdue DJ Adjust record.
‘Release The Sharks’ is a four tracker of abusive speaker therapy constructed in the spirit of recreational headbanging most would call haptic technology for heshers.
Possessing the demonstrative power of potential that pokes at the ear pupils, the new Adjust record is a leaning tower of rhythm inconsequentials that cast a dark shadow over the deliberate composition of controlled chaos. A study in pure acceleration from the opening track ‘Eveready/9-Lives’ and it’s nod to Frances Tipton Hunter and his black cat, to the track ‘Deux’ which draws subtle influence from early Fischkopf releases taking cues from industrial appliance rhythms that swell into monstrous episodes of hi-fidelity gate crashing.  Distorted electronic kick drums translate into rarified air violence and simultaneously unleash the Kraken bass blasts. Zeus and his harem of honeys would be proud. A true modern Midwest exercise in reticent aggression. Varying tempos of grindfunk sonically spread over four tracks of fortified ass-kick. This is
popular music for the future prolific and stratopunk pioneers of tomorrow… delivered today.

Out exclusively through Praxis on Sept. 27 on 12″ vinyl and mp3
Out on general release through all good record stores and distros on Oct. 11!
Distributed by Praxis

Label_ Low Res Records
Cat.Nr._ LOW 023
Artist_ Adjust
Title_ Release The Sharks