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Low Res 024 – Adjust/Bombardier split – free download on bandcamp!

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The latest release on Low Res Records – Low 024 – has been released in digital format only so far via their bandcamp site.
It’s a two track split EP with one track by label boss Adjust titled Titan pleasantly reminiscent of classic techstep, the other by Bombardier, which also has a 90’s feel, but more veering towards a doomy PCP-aesthetics!
Check it out – it’s a free download!

Praxis 45 in stock now!

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Praxis 45 is in stock and all the preorders were shipped in the last couple of days!
if you haven’t yet, check out the snippets on soundcloud:
and get the record from the praxis store

Praxis 45 – Anonyous Series Volume Two – Out September 26 – pre-order now!

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Anonymous Series Volume Two
(Praxis 45)

The long awaited sequel to Volume One (Praxis 44) is about to be released!
4 tracks of different shades of breakcore, from ruff and slamming to cut
up and atmospheric, limited to 300 12″ vinyl copies in total, only 200 of
which will go into normal distribution (the rest is for the artists and
the praxis shop respectively).
Records ordered directly from the Praxis Online Store will include a download code:
Alternatively you will be able to order the record via which includes both physical + digital, or only digital as options.

This is the second in a trilogy designed to challenge assumptions about artists and the “star system” and focus on the excitement of the music instead.
After the heavy and momentous “Vacuum Theory” by Cortex (ex-16-17) released in the spring, this is the second vinyl 12″ on Praxis this year, and a lot of other releases are in the pipeline.
Please check

for snippets!

In the meantime we also have been busy making a substatial part of our back catalog available in digital format through our two shops here:
as well as through and


Latest additions to the praxis bandcamp shop

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The latest additions are the classic Welcome to Violence by Base Force One (Praxis 27, 1997), and DJ Hidden’s excellent The Gehenna Device/Corrupt (Sub/Version 010, 2006)

Sub/Version 307 – Vile Enginez: Drum & Fuck Off OUT NOW

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Maybe the most radical release on Sub/Version yet: Vile Enginez: Drum & Fuck Off is out now in digital format!
Check it on out soundcloud site now:

More Download Options

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It was quite hesitantly that we at Praxis started “selling” files. The way things developed in the last few years it seemed to become inevitable to offer high quality downloads for sale as more and more DJ’s in the field of electronic dance music started playing files from their laptops rather than vinyl. For years we had mp3’s available for free download on the c8 site considering them to be a possibility to check out the tracks before buying them on vinyl, or not. These were most of the time vinyl rips at a modest quality.
Eventually, belatetly compared to more commercially minded labels (in late 2009) – we decided – after receiving many requests – to make available high quality files directly from the masters. Looking out for a suitable platform we chose, because they seemed to offer the best deal for artists and labels. A good year and a half later however, we had to take stock and decide to either expand the download possibilities or abandon them altogether. For this reason we slightly expanded the options of purchasing Praxis, Sub/Version and related audio as downloads and in the process supporting labels and artists. was added as one option as a more established platform, mainly because via juno, tracks would also become available directly via
in addition to this we added another independent download store via which again offers some interesting other options. So from now on you can check out our digital offers through the following platforms:
or Praxis or Sub/Version

C8 forums back in action !?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on July 21, 2011 by datacide is a platform for “dark sick music” that exists since the mid-90’s, hosting numerous web sites of labels, musicians and activists associated with “breakcore” and other forms of radical electronic music coming out of the underground scenes of that era.
Praxis has always been closely associated with the c8 cluster, the web site (as well as being hosted there as well as many other labels and distros.
However c8 was always more than just a server to host sites, early on it was also a mailing list, then eventually the premium forum for discussion and dispute for all kinds of things related to “breakcore”.
After a downtime of several months (if not longer…) it has finally been cleaned up (from spam-bots) and is there to be used again.