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Sub/Version 309 – Grr: The Sign Of The Elders OUT NOW

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Praxis Newsletter 23 out now!

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It’s been a while, but finally a new 8-page A5 sized newsletter is out on paper!
Just in time for last night’s NoiseAngriff event, it combines news about Praxis and Sub/Version, an critcal look at distribution networks and the old New Urban Noise column/chart!
So far only 100 were made for last night and saturdays Record Fair.
A copy will of course be added to mail orders, if you want more than one, let us know, we’ll print more next week.

Sub/Version 308 – Egon Frinz: The 9 Lives OUT NOW

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Listen to the full version here or here, BUY the track in full quality here or here
Check out more tracks by Egon Frinz here.

Special Sale at Praxis Store from Today till Nov.25th!

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Special Sale at Praxis Store from Today till Nov.25th!

Starting with todays Berlin Record Store Day – November 5th – and ending with Black Friday we’ll have some special deals in the store, and yes, only in the „real life“ record store!
– there are a couple of hundred titles on 12“ for only EUR 4.00 each or 3 for EUR 10.00. These include top titles from dubstep to breakcore and more!!
– get 10% off any titles on vinyl or CD if you buy 3 or more items (which are NOT from the 4-euro-box!)
– And have a look through our expanded selection of second hand books at EUR 3.00 each or 4 for 10.00!
please note that reductions do not apply to magazines or new books.

BUT… not everyone lives in Berlin – so we devised some specials for the rest of the world as well.
Besides lowering some prices of key items in the Praxis online store, we combined a number of bundles of usually 4 records at the price of EUR 20.00 INCLUDING WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!
Just send EUR 20 to and indicate which one you want!

These are:
Bundle 1: MARASM label 4×12“ + 1×7“
Marasm 15
Marasm 19
Marasm 21
Marasm 22
Marasm 12 (7“) OR Marasm 14 (pic-7“)

Bundle 2: SON URBAIN 4×12“
Son Urbain 004/005
Son Urbain 006
Son Urbain 011

Bundle 3: SOUTH LONDON BASS 4×12“ (Blackmassplastics, DJ Controlled Weirdness)
Dirty Needles 004
Still Raven 002
Unearthly 005
Unearthly 006

Bundle 4: SUB/VERSION 4×12“
Sub/Version 005 – Crisis Theory
Sub/Version 006 – Kovert
Sub/Version 007 – Hecate/Etaceh
Sub/Version 014 – Amboss

CHOOSE 4 of the following (Please note: double 12“’s count as TWO 12“s!)
Zhark 12004 – Hecate
Zhark 12007 – Hecate
Zhark 12010 – Vile Enginez
Zhark 12013 – Hecate
Zhark 12014 – Slutmachine
Zhark 12018 – Bong-Ra
ZharkLP1/Praxis35 – Hecate: Magick of… (2×12″)
ZharkLP2/Praxis40 – Hecate’s Ascension Chamber (2×12″)
ZharkLP3 – Shapeshifters Remixes (2×12“)
ZharkLP4 – Abelcain (2×12″)

Bundles are also available in the store for EUR 13 each (postage for 4 records is EUR 7.00)
Might make up some other bundles or other offers as the month goes on, so watch this space.

Sub/Version 306 by Somatic Responses OUT NOW!

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OUT NOW is the new installment in the 15-part series leading up to the 15th birthday of Sub/Version next year. It’s a series of digital releases in the spirit of hard drum’n’bass and epic breakcore – and this one is a monster track by none else than SOMATIC RESPONSES.
Available now from these sources:
Praxis Download store at ithinkmusic.
Praxis Download store at Bandcamp.
Check it out now on the Praxis SoundCloud page.

Vile Enginez: Prototype C 07 mp3 release (Sub/Version 305) Out Now!

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The 5th release in the Sub/Version digital series is out now! Vile Enginez is back with a breakcore infused hard tune – check it out here:

It’s available exclusively through our Download Store!

Amboss: Jük Jük mp3 release (Sub/Version 304) OUT NOW

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The fourth mp3 release on Sub/Version is out now and available in 320kbps quality exclusively from the Praxis download store!
here’s a full length 192kbps version to listen to: