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Redesign of the Praxis Bandcamp site

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Those who follow the developments more closely will have noticed some changes in the design, which are slowly spreading over the various platforms and also reached our bandcamp site. New logo, headers and banners courtesy of sansculotte. Now the bandcamp site has been infected… This will include the online shop shortly and also a redesign of the praxis web site into which this blog will be re-integrated! watch out… has closed 19-2-2012

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The irony: Last night I added the new download shop header and the recent/new Sub/Version releases by Egon Frinz and Grr to our old mp3 shop and tonight I was in the middle of writing a blog post on the page when suddenly the site went offline, and it looks like it’s for good:

“After 5 years of trading has been closed. Unfortunately our bank have removed our overdraft facility which has made it impossible for used to continue to trade.

A big thank you to all of the labels and music lovers that have supported the service over the years.

If you have any question please get in touch via email:”

I was very hesitant about the idea of selling files to begin with. After all we had offered free downloads for many years via, seeing it as an opportunity to spread the music and promote the records. But when it became apparent that more and more DJ’s were using files rather than records to play out, it became more important to provide high quality files, and surely the people looking for them wouldn’t mind to pay a euro or so for one to support the artists and labels!? Continue reading

Donate, Download, Support – Tomorrow at NoiseAngriff

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NoiseAngriff is free to get in – but since we need to generate some modest funds to run it, we figured we offer something in return for your voluntary donation. So anyone giving one euro or more at tomorrows (or todays, depending when you read this) event will receive a download code to get the new release on Sub/Version digital by Grr for free!

Sub/Version 309 – Grr: The Sign Of The Elders OUT NOW

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Sub/Version 308 – Egon Frinz: The 9 Lives OUT NOW

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Listen to the full version here or here, BUY the track in full quality here or here
Check out more tracks by Egon Frinz here.

15 Years Widerstand Party in Graz & Praxis 30 Digital Release!

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Hot on the heels of other classic Praxis releases being made available in digital format comes Eiterherd’s massive album 1984 Vs. 1999 (Vision Vs. Reality) originally released on vinyl in 1999!
Available through the Praxis shop over at bandcamp, as well as junodownload from Monday, December 5th!

The album was of course a co-release of Praxis and Eiterherd’s label Widerstand which he started 15 years ago.
This birthday is celebrated with a party in Graz on December 16;

Dark, Sick, Music.

Kovert (Critical Noise, Praxis / UK)
Christoph Fringeli (Praxis / CH)
Karl Marx Stadt (Lux Nigra, Sozialistischer Plattenbau / DE)
Alex Dee (Phantomnoise, Widerstand / DE)
Opcion aka Ab-Hinc (Widerstand / Graz)
Shiver Electronics (Widerstand / Wien)
Eiterherd (Widerstand / Graz)
Postcore (Widerstand / Pöllauberg)
Plan (Silent Revolution / Wien)
VJ: Naritia ( / Graz)
Projections: OchoReSotto (Graz)

Sub/Version 306 by Somatic Responses OUT NOW!

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OUT NOW is the new installment in the 15-part series leading up to the 15th birthday of Sub/Version next year. It’s a series of digital releases in the spirit of hard drum’n’bass and epic breakcore – and this one is a monster track by none else than SOMATIC RESPONSES.
Available now from these sources:
Praxis Download store at ithinkmusic.
Praxis Download store at Bandcamp.
Check it out now on the Praxis SoundCloud page.