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Some New Entries in the Praxis Online Shop

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order with tags , , , , on February 27, 2012 by datacide

Some new titles in the (soon to be re-designed) Praxis Online Shop:

It’s been out for a while, but very very obscure… the Meier Und Erdmann self-released 7″. A creative mixture of electronica, dubstep with guitar and clarinet.

And another wicked 7″ – this time more hardcore oriented by Grr who recently released the the Sub/Version 309. Also limited to 200 copies

Special Sale at Praxis Store from Today till Nov.25th!

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order, Sub/Version on November 5, 2011 by datacide

Special Sale at Praxis Store from Today till Nov.25th!

Starting with todays Berlin Record Store Day – November 5th – and ending with Black Friday we’ll have some special deals in the store, and yes, only in the „real life“ record store!
– there are a couple of hundred titles on 12“ for only EUR 4.00 each or 3 for EUR 10.00. These include top titles from dubstep to breakcore and more!!
– get 10% off any titles on vinyl or CD if you buy 3 or more items (which are NOT from the 4-euro-box!)
– And have a look through our expanded selection of second hand books at EUR 3.00 each or 4 for 10.00!
please note that reductions do not apply to magazines or new books.

BUT… not everyone lives in Berlin – so we devised some specials for the rest of the world as well.
Besides lowering some prices of key items in the Praxis online store, we combined a number of bundles of usually 4 records at the price of EUR 20.00 INCLUDING WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!
Just send EUR 20 to and indicate which one you want!

These are:
Bundle 1: MARASM label 4×12“ + 1×7“
Marasm 15
Marasm 19
Marasm 21
Marasm 22
Marasm 12 (7“) OR Marasm 14 (pic-7“)

Bundle 2: SON URBAIN 4×12“
Son Urbain 004/005
Son Urbain 006
Son Urbain 011

Bundle 3: SOUTH LONDON BASS 4×12“ (Blackmassplastics, DJ Controlled Weirdness)
Dirty Needles 004
Still Raven 002
Unearthly 005
Unearthly 006

Bundle 4: SUB/VERSION 4×12“
Sub/Version 005 – Crisis Theory
Sub/Version 006 – Kovert
Sub/Version 007 – Hecate/Etaceh
Sub/Version 014 – Amboss

CHOOSE 4 of the following (Please note: double 12“’s count as TWO 12“s!)
Zhark 12004 – Hecate
Zhark 12007 – Hecate
Zhark 12010 – Vile Enginez
Zhark 12013 – Hecate
Zhark 12014 – Slutmachine
Zhark 12018 – Bong-Ra
ZharkLP1/Praxis35 – Hecate: Magick of… (2×12″)
ZharkLP2/Praxis40 – Hecate’s Ascension Chamber (2×12″)
ZharkLP3 – Shapeshifters Remixes (2×12“)
ZharkLP4 – Abelcain (2×12″)

Bundles are also available in the store for EUR 13 each (postage for 4 records is EUR 7.00)
Might make up some other bundles or other offers as the month goes on, so watch this space.

New Additions to the Praxis Online Store!

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Just added a whole bunch of new records, CD’s and magazines to the Praxis Online Store
including the recent Cindytalk releases on Editions Mego, some new political magazines, as well as new and old stuff from Dean Rodell’s Subsistenz/Subviolenz/Subtrakt labels.
More will be added shortly!
… and don’t forget to include in your order a copy of the Praxis Anonymous Series Volume Two 12″ if you don’t have it yet. Volume One is now completely sold out, and about half of Volume Two went in the first month of being released!

Zombieflesheater – Tweng 5″ available in the praxis store

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Limited to only 30 copies!
And while you’re at it, check the excellent video by sansculotte:

zombieflesheater_tweng from sans culotte on Vimeo.

Cheaper Shipping for small overseas orders!

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order with tags on May 9, 2011 by datacide

Orders up to 1kg (ca. 4 12″s) to destinations overseas/outside Europe are now considerably cheaper to ship as German Post has changed their shipping rates for air mail letters. Overseas destinations now have the same prices as European ones.
One record now just costs 3.50 (before 6.00)
2-4 records now just cost 7.00 (before 12.00)
Depending on the individual weight up to 4 CD’S can now be sent for the price of 3.50 and up to about 9 CD’s for 7.00.
The service is fast and safe, so this is great news for all customers outside of Europe!
The postage prices for larger packages remain unchanged, but in some cases it makes sense to break them up into smaller packages (e.g. an order of 12 records would cost 21 euro in 3 letters, rather than 32 in a single parcel – and would be faster too)

Tape Attack!

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Just listed a bunch of cassette tapes new and older in our online shop! – new releases include Repetition/Distract – Old Weevil Neighbourhood
Grindmaster Flesh/Urban Guerrilla (Fuckyoutapes008)
Grindmaster Flesh/Urban Guerrilla (Orange Socks 2010-1)
looks like tapes are back !?

Blast from the Past

Posted in New Additions to Mail Order on March 29, 2011 by datacide

We just received a number of older breakcore classics mostly in excellent condition. In some cases these are almost complete back catalogues of – e.g. – Cavage, a lot of goodies from seminal labels such as Addict or Ambush/Full Watts For the latest additions check here.
Please note that of most of these there are only one copy in stock, and it’s strictly first come first served. As I can’t book those sold in the shop in real time, there may be titles out of stock that are still listed online, but I will do updates at least once a day…