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Vienna 22-03-2012

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Number One for Breakcore on Discogs

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PRAXISRECORDS on discogs which is a dublicate of the praxis online store is the shop with by far the most breakcore releases available on the marketplace.

Some New Entries in the Praxis Online Shop

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Some new titles in the (soon to be re-designed) Praxis Online Shop:

It’s been out for a while, but very very obscure… the Meier Und Erdmann self-released 7″. A creative mixture of electronica, dubstep with guitar and clarinet.

And another wicked 7″ – this time more hardcore oriented by Grr who recently released the the Sub/Version 309. Also limited to 200 copies

Redesign of the Praxis Bandcamp site

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Those who follow the developments more closely will have noticed some changes in the design, which are slowly spreading over the various platforms and also reached our bandcamp site. New logo, headers and banners courtesy of sansculotte. Now the bandcamp site has been infected… This will include the online shop shortly and also a redesign of the praxis web site into which this blog will be re-integrated! watch out…

Low Res 024 – Adjust/Bombardier split – free download on bandcamp!

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The latest release on Low Res Records – Low 024 – has been released in digital format only so far via their bandcamp site.
It’s a two track split EP with one track by label boss Adjust titled Titan pleasantly reminiscent of classic techstep, the other by Bombardier, which also has a 90’s feel, but more veering towards a doomy PCP-aesthetics!
Check it out – it’s a free download! has closed 19-2-2012

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The irony: Last night I added the new download shop header and the recent/new Sub/Version releases by Egon Frinz and Grr to our old mp3 shop and tonight I was in the middle of writing a blog post on the page when suddenly the site went offline, and it looks like it’s for good:

“After 5 years of trading has been closed. Unfortunately our bank have removed our overdraft facility which has made it impossible for used to continue to trade.

A big thank you to all of the labels and music lovers that have supported the service over the years.

If you have any question please get in touch via email:”

I was very hesitant about the idea of selling files to begin with. After all we had offered free downloads for many years via, seeing it as an opportunity to spread the music and promote the records. But when it became apparent that more and more DJ’s were using files rather than records to play out, it became more important to provide high quality files, and surely the people looking for them wouldn’t mind to pay a euro or so for one to support the artists and labels!? Continue reading

Donate, Download, Support – Tomorrow at NoiseAngriff

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NoiseAngriff is free to get in – but since we need to generate some modest funds to run it, we figured we offer something in return for your voluntary donation. So anyone giving one euro or more at tomorrows (or todays, depending when you read this) event will receive a download code to get the new release on Sub/Version digital by Grr for free!