The Praxis Store at Cagliostro is closing tonight!

After long deliberations we decided to close the “physical” record shop located in bar Cagliostro at Lenbachstrasse 10 in Berlin-Friedrichshain. There are a number of reasons for this. On the one hand sales are extremely low compared to online sales (which have gone up in recent months), and also the shop is acting much less as a meeting point for the scene than we had imagined.

To avoid any false rumours from starting: No, we are not going out of business, nor is Cagliostro for that matter!
We will continue with the mail order through our own online shop as well as discogs, and in fact there will be a lot more activity from the label in the coming year. I simply feel my time is better spent working on the label, Datacide, as well as my own music and writing than in the shop for which there seems to be only limited interest in Berlin.
I would still be interested in taking part in a shop project, but it would have to be a larger endeavour with a bigger group of people involved.

In the meantime regular customers can still come and pick up records, and there will be a regular record stall twice a month starting in January in conjunction with two new monthly nights of noise and breaks! More about this exciting development in another post in the next few days!

To close the shop come and have a drink with me tonight or tomorrow Dec.23 at Cagliostro, Lenbachstr. 10, 10245 Berlin. I will be there from 5pm-9pm, possibly/probably later…
And to encourage everyone to take some weight off us, and make the move easier – there will be a 20% price reduction on all stocks!


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