15 Years Widerstand Party in Graz & Praxis 30 Digital Release!

Hot on the heels of other classic Praxis releases being made available in digital format comes Eiterherd’s massive album 1984 Vs. 1999 (Vision Vs. Reality) originally released on vinyl in 1999!
Available through the Praxis shop over at bandcamp, as well as junodownload from Monday, December 5th!

The album was of course a co-release of Praxis and Eiterherd’s label Widerstand which he started 15 years ago.
This birthday is celebrated with a party in Graz on December 16;

Dark, Sick, Music.

Kovert (Critical Noise, Praxis / UK)
Christoph Fringeli (Praxis / CH)
Karl Marx Stadt (Lux Nigra, Sozialistischer Plattenbau / DE)
Alex Dee (Phantomnoise, Widerstand / DE)
Opcion aka Ab-Hinc (Widerstand / Graz)
Shiver Electronics (Widerstand / Wien)
Eiterherd (Widerstand / Graz)
Postcore (Widerstand / Pöllauberg)
Plan (Silent Revolution / Wien)
VJ: Naritia (neverscared.org / Graz)
Projections: OchoReSotto (Graz)


One Response to “15 Years Widerstand Party in Graz & Praxis 30 Digital Release!”

  1. assimilatah Says:

    om nom nom! great lineup!

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