Special Sale at Praxis Store from Today till Nov.25th!

Special Sale at Praxis Store from Today till Nov.25th!

Starting with todays Berlin Record Store Day – November 5th – and ending with Black Friday we’ll have some special deals in the store, and yes, only in the „real life“ record store!
– there are a couple of hundred titles on 12“ for only EUR 4.00 each or 3 for EUR 10.00. These include top titles from dubstep to breakcore and more!!
– get 10% off any titles on vinyl or CD if you buy 3 or more items (which are NOT from the 4-euro-box!)
– And have a look through our expanded selection of second hand books at EUR 3.00 each or 4 for 10.00!
please note that reductions do not apply to magazines or new books.

BUT… not everyone lives in Berlin – so we devised some specials for the rest of the world as well.
Besides lowering some prices of key items in the Praxis online store, we combined a number of bundles of usually 4 records at the price of EUR 20.00 INCLUDING WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!
Just send EUR 20 to praxis@c8.com and indicate which one you want!

These are:
Bundle 1: MARASM label 4×12“ + 1×7“
Marasm 15
Marasm 19
Marasm 21
Marasm 22
Marasm 12 (7“) OR Marasm 14 (pic-7“)

Bundle 2: SON URBAIN 4×12“
Son Urbain 004/005
Son Urbain 006
Son Urbain 011

Bundle 3: SOUTH LONDON BASS 4×12“ (Blackmassplastics, DJ Controlled Weirdness)
Dirty Needles 004
Still Raven 002
Unearthly 005
Unearthly 006

Bundle 4: SUB/VERSION 4×12“
Sub/Version 005 – Crisis Theory
Sub/Version 006 – Kovert
Sub/Version 007 – Hecate/Etaceh
Sub/Version 014 – Amboss

CHOOSE 4 of the following (Please note: double 12“’s count as TWO 12“s!)
Zhark 12004 – Hecate
Zhark 12007 – Hecate
Zhark 12010 – Vile Enginez
Zhark 12013 – Hecate
Zhark 12014 – Slutmachine
Zhark 12018 – Bong-Ra
ZharkLP1/Praxis35 – Hecate: Magick of… (2×12″)
ZharkLP2/Praxis40 – Hecate’s Ascension Chamber (2×12″)
ZharkLP3 – Shapeshifters Remixes (2×12“)
ZharkLP4 – Abelcain (2×12″)

Bundles are also available in the store for EUR 13 each (postage for 4 records is EUR 7.00)
Might make up some other bundles or other offers as the month goes on, so watch this space.


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