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Praxis 45 – Anonymous Series Volume Two: Test Pressings Arrived & Snippets Uploaded!

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Test pressings of the long awaited Praxis Anonymous Series Volume Two have arrived.
It will be released on limited edition 12″ vinyl (300 copies) and digital in September 2011.
We’ll post the exact release date shortly!
Here are some short snippets via soundcloud:

Seven Samurai floor tonight is canceled

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The Seven Samurai floor at Bethanien (in the context of Frikk festival) where I was going to play tonight had to be cancelled short notice. The reason is that we were led to believe that entrance was free and donations would be going towards the label. So everyone agreed to play for free. However when we found out that the entry was in fact 6 euro (or 10 for a day ticket) and all the festival organizers were offering was 2 drink tickets each, we had to reconsider.

While all of us are up for playing for free for a good cause (in this instance for example to help the label cut a new record), to get a couple of free drinks at a festival which we were told cost several thousand euros to put on (so someone is getting paid after all!?) is obviously not acceptable. After the festival organisation refused to negotiate this beyond adding a few more drinks, 7S in agreement with all DJ’s and artists had no choice but to cancel.

We will meet up tonight and make plans for 7S party in the near future.

Sub/Version 307 – Vile Enginez: Drum & Fuck Off OUT NOW

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Maybe the most radical release on Sub/Version yet: Vile Enginez: Drum & Fuck Off is out now in digital format!
Check it on out soundcloud site now: