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Amboss: Terrorapparat mp3 release (Sub/Version 302)

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The second mp3 release on Sub/Version – Terrorapparat by Amboss is now available in LAME encoded 320kbps HERE!

To listen to the whole track at 160 go HERE!

Datacide+Cagliostro Present Knochenbox 10.12.2010

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Friday 10.12.2010
Datacide and Cagliostro Present:
Datacide Soliparty

BASECK (darkmatter, la) – live
DARKAM (sgnarl e.v.) – live
GRR (sgnarl e.v.) – live
HETZER (clash of the titans)
H-KON (clash of the titans)
CHRISTOPH FRINGELI (praxis, datacide)
LT (cagliostro)
AIKIA visuals

noize, experimental, hard dnb, breakcore

Knochenbox @ Theaterkapelle
Boxhagenerstr. 99, 10245 Berlin
4 euros, start: 23h

Cora unfortunately had to cancel as she is still on crutches due to a broken leg – and it’s impossible to walk on the icy surface of the Berlin streets. She will play one of the next parties! Hetzer has been added to the line-up!