Special Mid-Year Sale via Discogs – 20% Off – 1000 Titles – Only this Week

For the week starting today, until Sunday July 4th midnight I’m doing a 20% off sale on one of my discogs accounts:
Lots of breakcore, hard drum’n’bass, speedcore, hardtek etcetc.

20% will be deducted from the price indicated in the discogs sales in the invoice you receive after placing your order. E.g. if you order records for 50 euros, you will get invoiced for just 40.
Payment must be made with paypal before monday night (July 5th) in order to qualify for the 20% reduction.

Not only do you get this discount this week, I also added dozens of titles which we’re distributing at wholesale prices.

Shipping can be combined with orders from our online store and my other discogs account, but no special conditions apply for the prices there.

Depending on availability I may or may not re-list sold items, so it’s basically first come first served.
check it out – there are lots of excellent records and CD’s in this list and help make some space and money for new releases on Low Res, Zhark, Praxis, Sub/Version etc coming out in the next weeks and months!


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