Underground Perversions 006 & 007 downloads available now

Available exclusively as high quality 320 mp3’s through the Praxis Download store are the latest two releases from Underground Perversions:
UPR006 – Save: UPRising EP
After 2 years of hard work, Underground Perversions Records strikes back with UPR006 by SAVE. Born from the encounter of Le Talium and Broken Meat (founding member of UPR), this duet knows how to perfectly complete each other in order to produce some real heavy music. UPRising EP is made of 3 tracks calling for a trip in the higher realms of psychedelic speedcore, in a pure french manner. Sometimes mental, sometimes brutal, but always atmospheric, this record will mark UPR’s return at the forefront of the hard electronic music scene.

UPR007 – R-ictus: Onanisme Rituel EP
Composed by R-ictus (half of Mechakucha), Onanisme rituel (Ritual Onanism) (UPR007/OCHDZ01) is a joint production of Underground Perversions and Overclockheadz. This EP hinges on numerous past projects, in a crushing blend of breakcore, speedcore, noise and experimental music. These 4 tracks and their recognizable massive bass drums fool around all the clichés of these genres, get tinged with noise subtelty or breakcorish sarcasm, facing reality with a dark grin.



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