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mp3 snippets added to recent additions to catalog

Posted in Praxis News on April 26, 2010 by datacide

We added mp3 snippets to the recent hardcore/speedcore delivery added to the mail order catalog a few days ago. so you can check short excerpts from each track on the different release pages.

Tomorrow we expect a new shipment with hard drum’n’bass from Load Media… watch this space for more details….!

Praxis mp3 Download store!

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Check out our download store for exclusive releases from Praxis and Sub/Version as well as Fanny/Girlcum, and non-exclusive tracks from Zhark International and other like minded purveyors of radical breaks and noise! More exclusive labels and releases will be added soon!

latest uploads include:
Praxis 4 – Metatron: Speed & Politics EP
Praxis 21 – Slaughter Politics
Praxis 35/Zhark CD2 – Hecate: The Magick of Female Ejaculation
Praxis 39 – Base Force One: Dynamite & Fire 2000-2004
Sub/Version 004 – Pure/Christoph Fringeli

and many more
new material is added frequently now – including back catalog as well as new releases – all directly from the masters in high quality 320kbs mp3’s.
This is the ONLY shop where these tracks are legally available for sale on the internet.
Support the artists and the labels by getting them from us!

Noise & Capitalism

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Just received a handful of copies of this hard-to-get-by book which includes contributions from Datacide writers such as Howard Slater and Matthew Hyland. A more critical appraisal should appear on the datacide site in due time.

Publisher: Arteleku Audiolab (Kritika series), Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)

Publication date: September 2009.

ISBN: 978-84-7908-622-1

Contributors: Ray Brassier, Emma Hedditch, Matthew Hyland, Anthony Iles, Sara Kaaman, Mattin, Nina Power, Edwin Prévost, Bruce Russell, Matthieu Saladin, Howard Slater, Csaba Toth, Ben Watson.

Editors: Mattin & Anthony Iles

‘Noise’ not only designates the no-man’s-land between electro-acoustic investigation, free improvisation, avant-garde experiment, and sound art; more interestingly, it refers to anomalous zones of interference between genres: between post-punk and free jazz; between musique concrète and folk; between stochastic composition and art brut. – Ray Brassier

This book, Noise & Capitalism, is a tool for understanding the situation we are living through, the way our practices and our subjectivities are determined by capitalism. It explores contemporary alienation in order to discover whether the practices of improvisation and noise contain or can produce emancipatory moments and how these practices point towards social relations which can extend these moments.

If the conditions in which we produce our music affects our playing then let’s try to feel through them, understand them as much as possible and, then, change these conditions.

If our senses are appropriated by capitalism and put to work in an ‘attention economy’, let’s, then, reappropriate our senses, our capacity to feel, our receptive powers; let’s start the war at the membrane!

Alienated language is noise, but noise contains possibilities that may, who knows, be more affective than discursive, more enigmatic than dogmatic.

Noise and improvisation are practices of risk, a ‘going fragile’. Yet these risks imply a social responsibility that could take us beyond ‘phoney freedom’ and into unities of differing.

We find ourselves poised between vicariously florid academic criticism, overspecialised niche markets and basements full of anti-intellectual escapists. There is, afterall, ‘a Franco, Churchill, Roosevelt, inside all of us…’ yet this book is written neither by chiefs nor generals.
Here non-appointed practitioners, who are not yet disinterested, autotheorise ways of thinking through the contemporary conditions for making difficult music and opening up to the willfully perverse satisfactions of the auricular drives.

New Speedcore & Industrial Hardcore, plus Politox 03!

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Tust got a delivery from France with some speedcore and hardcore news.
They’re listed in the online store already, I’ll add some descriptions later. There’s some fine industrial hardcore from Anguish Entertainment, with the latest release, a picture disc by Fury Project venturing into distorted breakcore territory. All with a slightly old-school-ish sound and lots of distortion…

The highlight is predictably the most recent No-Tek release by MechaKucha titled Messiah?

Nice sleeve too, hand silk screened with black or red or the two mixed on beige cardboard, so each cover looks slightly different.
Also got No-Tek 13 and 14 back in stock if you missed those.

Also the fist Politox Entertainment in nearly 10 years (number 03) arrived. As it had to be released without the originally planned label design it now sports a black label, and features Gorki Plubakter Chante Elvis Pour Pauline L.

You’re definitely in for a surprise with this one!

17 Years – Some Praxis History

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The first 2 releases on Praxis came out towards the end of 1992 in London. Taking an approach of uncompromising hardcore techno, the sound of the label soon radicalized as the new underground scene tried to create an escape velocity against the commercialisation of techno. Many alliances were forged with like-minded musicians and cultural provocateurs world-wide, seeking a cross-pollination of ideas and concepts, always pushing things further, always experimenting. Continue reading